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Sectorial Tourism

Sectorial Tourism

VisMedNet is presently working on concepts that are closely linked to demographic changes in society as well as the social trends that are changing the texture of our milieu. Concepts are linked to new challenges that changes are bringing about. We are working on ideas that would help policy makers, operators and service providers in tourism to take stock of these challenges and work together to turn them into opporutnities. 

We are following three strands of discussions with organisations or bodies with which we share common ground and interest in the following areas :

– new professions and services that stakeholders in education, operators and policy makers in tourism could work on in order that tourism services and structures may take into stock the rise in the average age of the traveller due to an aging population. This area of work involves the promotion of travel and mobility to individuals who, due to aging and due to ailments and restrictions aging can possibly bring along with it, need special reassurance and support to travel and enjoy their holidays.

– further training of specialised services in the catering industry through development of structures, curriculae, training opportunities and international cooperation between training organisations. We are working on further employability and better jobs for service providers in the catering industry especially chefs and patissieres who can obtain international training, gain exposure to international methods of working and acquire hands on knowledge about international cuisine.

– the creation of new structures and operations that can train and guide individuals with challenges including immigration, situations of domestic violence and long term unemployment into the catering and tourism sector through the setting up of ad hoc business structures intended to act as launching platforms for such individuals into new careers.


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